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I have been a railway enthusiast and modeller for the best part of forty years.

Primarily working in 4mm, my specialism is renaming, renumbering

and weathering of proprietory steam outline locomotives.


Mattingley Custom was the id I used for a good number of years when I sold

renamed and weathered models on a well known online auction site.

Having my own website allows me to exhibit my modelling skills and shows

examples of work that I have done, I hope you find the site useful.


This locomotive is a Hornby Rebuilt West Country Class 4-6-2 renamed as No.34005 Barnstaple.

It was renamed using etched nameplates, plaques and scrolls from the Fox Transfers range.

The cabside numerals are Fox waterslide transfers.


This locomotive is a Bachmann Wainwright C Class 0-6-0 renumbered as No.31004.

Renumbered using a combination of both Fox and Modelmaster waterslide transfers.

The weathering was done using no more than four basic colours, in this case features include

the burnt smokebox door, rust patches, a few runs and 'grease' on the buffers.

Weathering is carried out using a combination of conventional brush techniques and

airbrush painting methods.


I try to find a good photograph of the prototype when doing my work and I possess an extensive library of railway history and photo books from where I can usually source my reference material.


I am a member of the HMRS, SEMG, Southern Railways Group and RM Web,

all of which are useful for reference materials, information and advice.


Please use the form on the Contact page to email your commission enquiries.


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